You don't have to be in business alone.

We're looking for great talent to join our team.

If you’re a leadership coach who works best on a team, is tired of business management, and wants to spend more time focused on clients, join the Who You Are coaching team.

Join our Passionate Coaches Collective

At Who You Are, we coach real leaders in real time through real issues. Our team is committed to improving organizational health for every client we serve.


Many leadership coaches enter this industry alone. Building a successful coaching and consulting business as a team of one has unique challenges--you may be experiencing time constraints as you juggle office duties, feeling empty after months of working by yourself, or doubting your own ability to independently grow your business.

If you're a leadership coach who is passionate about being face-to-face with your clients and works best with the support of a team, let's connect. I would love to meet you, share more about my journey, and hear more about yours.

Amie Gamboian
Who You Are CEO & Executive Coach

Our coaches invest their time in two areas.


Building relationships that engage prospective clients


Providing exceptional coaching and consulting services

Our coaches are...


We are trained coaches with applicable experience in leadership and in the coaching and consulting industry.


We unite to collaborate, sharpen and refine one another, recognizing that our experiential growth directly impacts those we serve.


We consistently demonstrate proactive initiative as we engage new clients and deliver exceptional coaching and consulting services.


Supports your continued education & fosters team unity

Coaches on the Who You Are team enjoy the following professional development experiences.

  • OPPORTUNITY. Choose to work in the lane of organizational health, individual leadership coaching, or both. 

  • COMMUNITY. Our coaches come together regularly as practicing industry professionals.

  • COLLABORATION. The WYA team convenes monthly for a Coaches Collective session. This is an opportunity to celebrate wins, share new resources and training, and strategize through challenging client scenarios.

  • 1x1 COACHING. Each WYA coach has the opportunity to meet quarterly with Amie Gamboian, company CEO & Executive, for individualized 1x1 business coaching and development.


Save Time and Retain Your Profits

Coaches on the Who You Are team benefit from the following operational support systems.

  • INVOICING. WYA handles all client invoicing and the collection of payment for services.

  • MARKETING. The WYA team works strategically on marketing campaigns and promotional efforts throughout the year.

  • WEB HOSTING. WYA maintains a professional website for the organization, including an introduction page and contact information for each WYA coach.

  • ACCESS TO AN EXTENSIVE RESOURCE LIBRARY. All coaches on the WYA team have exclusive access to our private library of dozens of resources for reference and use with clients.

Ready to join our coaching team?

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