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Tools that will propel your team today. 

The right tools are critical in propelling your team forward. With this in mind, we have compiled a library of free resources designed especially for team leaders.

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Highlights of the Free Resource Library

The Conflict Continuum Handout Screensho
The Conflict Continuum
Video & Handout

Most teams struggle to do conflict well. Yet, when you handle this critical inch of leadership, it will advance your team's effectiveness and performance. This leadership principle builds upon a foundation of trust and is essential for all teams to master.

Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 6.39.28 AM.png
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Video & Handout

Every team wants to win and get results! So, why is it that some organizations experience more success than others? This message will help your team recognize five key fundamentals for building a healthy, highly-functioning team. It will also help you address the five key organizational health dysfunctions that will keep you from your goals.

Hungry, Humble and Smart--The Ideal Team
Humble, Hungry and Smart: The Ideal Team Player
Video & Handout

An ideal team player embodies three virtues: humility, hunger and people smarts. The power this combination yields drastically accelerates and improves the process of building high-performing teams. 

The Law of Thirds Handout Screenshot.png
The Law of Thirds
Video & Handout

The Law of Thirds outlines a natural dynamic that occurs within groups of people. It serves as a reminder to leaders of where to invest time, energy, focus and attention.

Team 1 Handout Screenshot.png
Team 1
Video & Handout

Having a cohesive leadership team isn't just a nice idea--it is a strategic and intentional decision that leads to results. By using this principle to communicate and prioritize the loyalties of each executive team leader, you will move your entire organization toward greater clarity and consistency. 

Kristi Krayneski.png

"These resources allow me to focus on continued growth for our company. They help me recognize an impactful change in myself and in others."

 -Kristi Krayneski                                       

  Chief Operating Officer, TS Banking Group

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