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Extreme Leadership for Extreme Times
(Head Coaches)

  • Leading in the Now

  • Breakthrough One on One’s

  • Real Communication with Real People in Real Time

Leading with Clarity & Communication

(Head Coaches 10yrs or Less)

  • Confidence, Clarity & Communication

  • Becoming a Sustainable Coach

  • Improving Program Culture

(Head Coaches)

  • Leading in the Prime of Your Career

  • Staff Unity, Culture and Success

  • Presence and Mindset

Dates & Times TBD

Next Gen
(Young Head Coaches)

  • Rising Above the Pressures

  • Confidence to Be You

  • Humble but High Achieving 

Dates & Times TBD

Elevating with Excellence

(Assistant Coaches)

  • Leading Before You’re Ready

  • What Your Head Coach Really Wants from You

  • Learning & Adapting on the Fly in Tough Situations

Dates & Times TBD

Meet Your Coaches

Kyle Rechlicz

Head Women's Basketball Coach | UWM

“Huddle Up has provided me with a new leadership toolbox that I’ve used countless times with my team and staff. This professional development group gave me the unique personalized opportunity to learn from both Amie and my peers while being able to ask the hard questions without feeling shame or judgement. We all need advice and tools from time to time and Huddle Up Coaches has given me just that.”

Jacie Hoyt

Head Women's Basketball Coach | UMKC

“Huddle Up Coaches has been a safe space for me to learn and grow professionally and personally as a leader. I’ve attended a lot of clinics and conventions, but nothing in my career has equipped me with the tools and knowledge I’ve received in Huddle Up. The guidance and support I’ve received throughout the last year have no doubt reflected in a very successful season for my team and those I lead.”

Amie Headshot June 2019.png
Amie Gamobian

Founder Huddle Up Coaches | CEO/Executive Coach

Who You Are Leadership Coaching 

“Huddle Up Coaches is rapidly becoming the industry go-to for coaches who’re committed to growing on and off the court. Focusing on real leadership issues in authentic dialogues is elevating the influence of those influencers who believe in mastering the X’s and O’s of their game, their leadership and their lives.”

Susan Johnson

Head Women's Volleyball Coach | UWM

“Huddle Up Coaches with Amie has really made a difference in my ability to stay positive and focused during the most challenging time in my 20+ year career. I’ve learned how to control the controllables and how to adapt well in a time of crisis as a leader.”


Former Head Coach | Director of Basketball Strategies & Development | GCU

“Huddle Up Coaches has provided me with an invaluable circle of like-minded leaders who’re extremely successful, open, and act as a stimulating support system and coaching-specific resource. The sessions are a rare opportunity to have the high-level leadership teachings and connections needed to prepare you for the 'real life' of coaching and female leadership.”