Meet Our Activator


Katelin Knust

Director of Operations

With a background in higher education administration, Katelin is passionate about creating opportunities for rising leaders to learn and be influenced by seasoned leaders. She is well-versed and familiar with the world of adult education and believes firmly in the power of accountability and intentionality in taking new steps toward a goal.

In her work with Who You Are, Katelin focuses primarily on the development and implementation of new infrastructure pieces and initiatives which support the coaching team.

As a part of her own leadership growth, Katelin has enjoyed resources released by the Ramsey Solutions team, including "The Entreleadership Podcast" and book. As an ever-learning leader herself, Katelin appreciates the way that Dave Ramsey and his team speak candidly with business owners and leaders, while offering practical and tactical recommendations proven in his own business experience.

Katelin and her husband, Jared, are parents to two young boys, Auden and Callum. 

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