Organizational Health

In the absence of organizational health, long-lasting success in business, nonprofit, ministry and athletics is limited and often unattainable. Paramount to real and sustainable health, organizational health undergirds your ability to attract and retain top talent, enhance the effectiveness of your leadership team and navigate change well.

  • Foundations of organizational health

  • Overcoming common dysfunctions

  • Communication fundamentals

  • Executive Team offsites

  • Leadership Team workshops

  • Executive Coaching

Steve Hinchcliff
President and CEO, H&H Automotive LLC

"I learned some time back that “we don’t know what we don’t know”.  Amie Gamboian has really helped drive that home in my brain these past few months. We hired Amie after reviewing the credentials of three other more well-known local companies.  She has played a crucial role in our culture change; far more than any one of us would have ever dreamed.  However, her biggest value has come on the heels of countless one-on-one meetings with our key team members.  These individual meetings balanced equally between a personal and a business focus, have been at the foundation of tremendous growth in many of those involved. All in all, our growth as leaders has at its core and fundamentally been accelerated by our relationship with Amie.  Had I only known, I would have invested our resources with Amie long ago."

Kevin Brimner
Lead Pastor, First Christian Church of Newburgh

“We’ve focused on working on our ministry, not just in our ministry. Honestly, it's scary to process the reality of little bad habits that have been allowed to grow into big-elephant-in-the-room obstacles, impacting the best version of our ministry teams. However, the health of that type of processing is proving to be a refining fire with a purifying effect. Maximizing influence as a ministry organization hinges on us addressing both the healthy and unhealthy issues.

In the past, third-person objectivity has been underutilized as a means to progress toward great success. Amie’s skill set has been exactly what we needed to move forward and has lead us into an opportunity to "revisit" what had previously been discovered, giving us permission and an expectation to dig into current reality, unearth where the issue came from and address it in healthy ways. Not many of our team would have been bold enough to bring up a big issue, but Amie’s service to our team allowed for greater disclosure. Each of us is encouraged to interact simultaneously without fear of being behind everyone else or feeling singled out.”  

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