Our Mission

To customize exceptional leadership coaching experiences by clarifying discoveries, challenging obstacles, creating breakthroughs and championing leadership excellence.



Important Self Leadership Questions to be asking: 

  • What is the purest expression of myself and my leadership? 

  • What's it like to be on the other side of me? 

  • What's hijacking my growth, mindset, success, team, company? 

  • How healthy is my leadership perspective? 

  • How targeted are my intentions and my impact? 

  • Where do I most struggle to lead myself/others well? 

  • What ineffective patterns do I keep repeating? 

  • What am I pretending to not know? 

  • Where do I most need support with accountability? 


Targeted toward 3 pillars of continued development :


Each day you have the opportunity to steward well the life and leadership influence you've been given. Investing in your true identity and the essence of your leadership will lead to stronger growth, authenticity, execution, and overall leadership success. Leaders learn, grow and get better through both successes and perceived failures - IF they choose to. In fact, many times the greatest moments of pain turn into impacting experiences of polishing that lead to highest performance.


Identifying and implementing changes is required for growth. The readiness factor to make adjustments is the critical inch in developing leadership acumen. Pivoting in areas like thinking patterns, behaviors, approaches and reactivity - coupled with accountability strategies - will help you enlarge your capacity and victoriously navigate the leadership challenges you face. 


Maximizing true potential is entirely possible when you’re architecting your leadership in alignment with the vision of how you will finish.  Re-aligning your leadership perspective and key patterns are often needed.  Starting strong with the finish line in mind also provides far greater chances of avoiding the frustration gap so many Leaders and organizations get stuck in. When Finishing Well is clearly defined, the process of setting and achieving goals becomes much simpler.

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Through Who You Are℠ Coaching, Leaders can expect to experience:



  • Healthier perspective

  • Greater clarity and confidence

  • Expanded capacity

  • Sustainable change

  • Higher performance outcomes

  • More fulfilling relationships

  • Increased focus and execution

  • Managing blind spots

  • Effectively navigating leadership stress and pain

  • Leading from strength behaviors vs. stress behaviors

Who You Are℠ welcomes the opportunity to coach you or consult with your organization to fully maximize your leadership growth, influence, and impact.


Who You Are℠ is honored to champion clients representing these outstanding organizations who are making significant leadership contributions to their communities.

When leadership gets better, everyone wins!

H&H Automotive

Assure Women's Center


UMKC Women's Basketball

USF Women's Basketball

Made in the Shade Blinds

Your Executive Coach

Anchor Roofing

Ortho Nebraska


33 Vincent

The Executive Chair

TS Banking Group

TS Prosperity Group

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Keller Williams

UMW Women's Basketball

Iowa State Women's Basketball

Blue Pomegranate

Swanson Russell

Colliers International

Ludacka Wealth Partners

Advanced Trenching & Utilities

Nebraska Dance

Center Sphere - The Network

Olssen Associates

UNO Women's Basketball

Rice University Women's Basketball

Adams Family Insurance

Brownell Talbot

Children's Hospital

Goosmann Law Firm

Central Community College


Bennington Chamber of Commerce

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