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A Leadership Journey

What you can expect from me in the weeks and months ahead

Dear leaders,

It’s always so interesting to see how the chapters of our lives and leadership unfold. The last several years spent building the Who You Are consulting practice have been fun, challenging, and extremely fulfilling. It’s been a blessing to serve our client teams and many exceptional leaders who represent them. Now, I’m excited to be stepping into a new chapter for our consulting practice. For the past two years, I’ve been affiliated with a special practitioner’s program for executive consultants called CAPA Pro. Through this strategic partnership, I had the opportunity to build a relationship with Patrick Lencioni and his team at The Table Group. The training and resources provided by Pat and his team have been invaluable to my consulting practice and the growth of your teams throughout the pandemic and our partnership revealed a shared passion for organizational health, human dignity, high performance and team transformation.

Every few years, Pat and his team personally invite a handful of practitioners around the world to become Principal Consultants representing The Table Group and its expertise in the industry. Earlier this year, I was invited to bring my consulting practice into further alignment with The Table Group when I accepted a role as a Principal Consultant. It is an honor to join the team health movement at such a high level and to dedicate my consulting work to the cohesion, clarity, and priority alignment of teams.

I’m excited to continue serving our existing client teams by providing expanded opportunities available only to Table Group clients, including private sessions with Pat and possible exposure to other Principal Consultants. Pat hand-selects and trains all Principal Consultants, sharing his wisdom, counsel, and expertise with each PC’s practice and the teams we serve. We’re passionate about collaboration (iron sharpening iron!), and are willing to go the extra mile so you and your team experience true transformation.

In the weeks and months ahead, I look forward to serving leadership teams across the nation. It’s an honor to be a part of your leadership journey, and I’m looking forward to our shared pursuit of team and organizational health. Remember that growth and development happen by choice, not by chance.

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