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Individual & Team Growth Require Intentionality

The passion for learning and growing is a must for intentional leaders and hungry teams. High performers and greats in any field are mastering new concepts, using new strategies and making necessary changes. Every leader and team reach seasons when what they have just isn’t enough to get them to where they are going. Growth is a matter of deliberate choice with a solid game plan and critical resources in place. Without these, the forces of old habits will overshadow the best of noble intentions.


Your growth plan serves as a strategic guide for development and reaching goals.

What is your why? Clarity with your “why” fuels everything else. Breaking a record? Developing new knowledge or skill set? Acting on feedback received? Minimizing a pain-point on your team or in your leadership? Not only is it important to clearly see the end picture in your mind, but it’s also critical to understand the emotional charge that will help you get there. Tapping into the emotions that connect to your “why” will help you stay on course when the going gets tough.

Who is involved? We learn and grow best in community. Identifying the who will help you determine what “people fuel” you need to guide your process, such as coaches, colleagues, comrades and co-laborers. Leaders and teams need great support to help shoulder the heavy lifts. What are your specifics? Even if you only choose one critical growth area to focus on throughout each month, after 12 months you and/or your team have grown in 12 unique skill sets, mindsets, behaviors or rhythms. What’s most important to focus on, right now, in development? What resources are needed? Making solid decisions about resourcing has huge impact on your outcomes. Who/what will feed the process best? Classes? Conferences? Coaching? Consulting? Books? Videos? Podcasts? When is growth happening? Setting your timeline with benchmark goals reminds you when to focus on what, when. Staying accountable to your timeline will not only help to break down the process and the changes you’ll engage in, it’ll create opportunities for you and your team to celebrate along the way.


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