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Leadership in the New Year

The new year is upon us and the commitment to create change is within us. Over the holidays, you’ve likely identified some critical inches you’re focusing on in the new year to expand your capacity and lead yourself and others more effectively. Rising up to reach our leadership bests has very little to do with comfort and a lot do with the willingness to make tough decisions and then stick to them. I’m in your corner, making more changes just like you are, and want to share these four foundational success rhythms that have served me well for decades:

  1. Lead from your Cornerstone Habit: These rhythms anchor our lives and our leadership, impacting all other facets of our lives. How we do one area of life is often how we do the others. The power of a positive cornerstone habit is that it grounds you in a success pattern - it’s the anchor from which all other decisions and patterns flow in your leadership. For 31 years, my cornerstone habit has been to rise at 4:30 A.M., spend time in God’s word and begin the day with exercise. This grows my faith, sets my emotions and mindset, and honors my core value of health.

  2. Hire an outstanding Coach: Based on impact created, the Harvard Business Review claims that excellent coaches are worth triple their service fees. Establishing a safe environment for vulnerability, growth and development, an astute coach will call out the best in you by facilitating deep dives through conversations, challenges, exercises and accountability. For me, it’s impossible to put a price tag on the value of having trusted advisors in the trenches with me, helping me navigate growing pains, frustrations, innovations and growth. All I know is that they’re more than worth their weight in gold, and that I wouldn’t be who I am or where I’m at today without them.

  3. Intentionally Reflect and Relaunch (R&R): Whether 2020 was filled with more wins than losses or more losses than wins, both are now in the past. What you can leverage for 2021 are the learns. Carving out margin to strategically utilize these gains will best position you to identify what you’ll start doing, stop doing and continue doing. It will also reveal what your “critical inch” is in your leadership – that crucial, overarching next area of focus that will take your leadership up a notch or two. The R&R exercise is best used both monthly and annually, and both individually and with your team.

  4. Tap into a Peak Performance Partner (PPP): This powerful collaboration with a colleague is a game changer. Your PPP is one who’s also dedicated to having a weekly mutually beneficial check in – to challenge each other, hold each other accountable to goals, and be a great sounding board for new ideas and problem solving. There’s something that happens with your “say/do” ratio when you know someone else is listening, watching and waiting for the results you’ve committed to. I’m extremely grateful for my PPP who holds me to the higher standard and believes in my best.


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