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Organizational Health Starts with Your Leadership Team

Being smart and being healthy are two different things for both leaders and their organizations. Health within organizations is evidenced by high engagement, productivity and morale. Politicking, game-playing and siloing are rare occurrences in healthy teams and organizations. Reaching true organizational health starts at the top with the leadership team. Without cohesion, unity and effectiveness at this level, it’s virtually impossible for the overall organization to reach health. Here are some critical indicators of leadership team cohesion. How many of these are true for your team? Which do you most need to work on?

  • Our leadership team is small enough to be effective (3-10 people).

  • Team members trust one another and can be genuinely vulnerable with one another.

  • We regularly engage in productive, unfiltered conflict about important issues and ideas.

  • Our team leaves meetings with clarity on specific decisions, actions and issues.

  • Team members hold one another accountable to commitments and behaviors.

  • Members are focused on the team’s collective priorities and put the needs of the larger organization ahead of their own departments.

Once leadership team cohesion is in place, your team can move on to tackling the other three big health disciplines: creating clarity, over-communicating clarity and reinforcing clarity. These will impact every department throughout the organization, minimizing confusion, aligning employees around clarity and sustaining healthy behaviors and practices.

Attaining organizational health isn’t an easy process, but it is profoundly simple. We can help you get there.


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