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Reflecting on 2020: Finishing Strong

Merry Christmas to you and yours! We’re grateful to our faithful God and to our incredible clients for the significant 2020 we’ve had at Who You Are. While this year has certainly presented its challenges for all, we’ve been blessed with more coaching engagements than ever before and have expanded our business to include instrumental organizational health consulting work.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been reminded that one critical inch of leadership health is the willingness to fight for clarity amidst mounting uncertainties. We’ve learned first-hand that we can live with uncertainty, but we cannot lead ourselves, teams or organizations well without extreme clarity.

Understanding that clarity is a core component, we’ve taken significant risks and major leaps in our business this year to distinguish our deliverables, distinctives and results experienced by clients. Our willingness to dig deep in leading ourselves and others well through the uncertainties of this past year has proven to be one of the greatest gifts we’ve ever been able to pass on.

We've made it our business to coach real leaders in real time through real issues, pressing into pain points and championing difficult but necessary changes and growth for teams and individuals. It’s not been easy work, but it’s been extremely fulfilling.

Every blessing experienced this year, whether mountain-top experiences or frustrations, have reminded us that our greatest victories are always discovered in the trenches with those we serve. For 2021, we re-commit to focusing on leadership health and igniting breakthroughs for every client.

Ready to learn more about elevating your team leadership in 2021? Click here to contact our team and schedule your leadership coaching consultation.


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