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As we step into 2022, I know that the complexities of this unique leadership season have been challenging for you, just as they’ve been for us and for the teams we work with across the country. There is no doubt that the ongoing effects of the pandemic, COVID-19, supply chain issues, and hiring and retention challenges have pushed you and many of your teams to your limits.

Weariness from the pandemic has settled in for many leadership teams. As I’ve witnessed this widespread effect, two default postures of leadership teams seem to be equally present and ineffective: complexity and adrenaline addiction.

The first is like a catatonic confusion. Teams are allowing themselves to drift into what could be known as the lazy river of organizations–complexity. They have forgotten that leadership’s job is to take the complex and make it simple.

The other is adrenaline addiction, which has teams pushing their pace, driving, running, and hitting goals, but often with little regard for the effects their people are experiencing such as burnout, frustration, and fatigue.

Neither of these postures is a best practice, and both stances position organizations to be at-risk for heavy turnover, loss of employee engagement and culture erosion. Team cohesion is by far the best posture option to achieve healthy team performance and sustainable success.

We understand where you are and we want to help. If you're feeling burned out and ill-equipped to lead, please reach out to us. You can click here to get in touch with our team.


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