Team Leadership

Drive real engagement and execution by using comprehensive assessments to increase trust, leverage emotional intelligence and enhance productive communication in one on ones, meetings and difficult conversations.

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  • Leadership Team Coaching

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Brett Boyer
CEO, CenterSphere

"In all of the businesses I have owned or managed, I've always been very hesitant to hire outside consultants and/or coaches. Recently my company executive team unanimously voted to hire Amie for such a role. The awareness she brings to each of us individually about ourselves, how we operate and how we are perceived by others has made a major difference in production and attitude. In the past this has been difficult at times from a communication and productivity standpoint. In the few months that we have been working with Amie she has helped us develop procedures that help each individual thrive. As CEO, she has reminded me what I'm doing right, and what my day to day improvements to make in communicating with my team; things that can only be seen from an outside perspective. I can say from experience that in hiring Amie you will not be disappointed and your investment will reap 100 fold. Her insight is truly invaluable and will take you to the next level you're looking for".

Jeff Hinchcliff
Vice President & COO, H&H Automotive LLC

"Having Amie as a Leadership Coach for myself and our team has been a game changer. There are difficult and challenging conversations taking place that are long overdue and problems being solved that were being put on the back burner. The combination of her confidence yet easy going personality help make issues become less scary. It also does not hurt that she is a walking and talking library of Leadership book knowledge." 

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