The Birkman Method

The Birkman Method remains a preferred instrument to better understand interpersonal dynamics and achieve higher performance through positive psychology. It is used widely in the fields of career coaching, leadership development, human resources management, and organizational design today.

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Why the Birkman?

  1. The Birkman® Method is the only personality assessment that analyzes behavioral and occupational data from one questionnaire, and gauges the underlying needs a leader must have met in order to perform at his/her best.

  2. The Birkman® identifies four key areas that deeply impact people in life and leadership: Interests, Usual Behaviors, Motivational Needs and Stress Behaviors. High level understanding and management of each of these helps leaders be intentional about their presence, engagement and responses.

  3. Through one questionnaire, the Birkman® can generate more than 70 reports covering an extensive range of topics.

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