Dr. Nathan Baxter

Executive Leadership Coach, Lead Self Lead Others, LLC

Amie is not afraid to hold herself to high standards in leadership. If you have the opportunity to work alongside Amie, you will quickly realize that her pursuit of excellence never takes precedence over serving others. Amie’s ability to lead herself well naturally inspires others to do the same. One of Amie’s most attractive qualities is that she continuously excels in leadership without any loss in character. Amie’s rise to success has been an honor to watch. She truly models what can happen to anyone who is willing to embrace their God-given potential."

Angela Avis

Director of Talent Management, TS Banking Group

"Through Amie’s coaching sessions and insights, I have been able to gain further clarity and confidence in my strengths and weaknesses, along with what needs I have in building communication and relationships with others.  The improved awareness will continue to assist me in striving to operate in my best self, which will, in turn, allow me to live more often in my one degree, creating a clearer vision of where I can and will have the most impact both professionally and personally.  Amie’s ability to understand, interpret, and offer quantifiable application has been and will continue to be extremely valuable". 

Steve Hinchcliff

President and CEO, H&H Automotive LLC

"I learned some time back that “we don’t know what we don’t know”.  Amie Gamboian has really helped drive that home in my brain these past few months. We hired Amie after reviewing the credentials of three other more well-known local companies.  She has played a crucial role in our culture change this year; far more than any one of us would have ever dreamed.  However, her biggest value has come on the heels of countless one-on-one meetings with our key team members.  These individual meetings balanced equally between a personal and a business focus, have been at the foundation of tremendous growth in many of those involved. All in all, our growth as leaders has at its core, fundamentally been accelerated by our relationship with Amie.  Had I only known, I would have invested our resources with Amie long ago."

Toni Clarke

Executive Director, Assure Women's Center

"Amie recently facilitated Assure Women's Center annual staff retreat. What a treat! The theme was "The Power of One". Amie led our staff through exercises that helped each individual gain clarity on who we are, how we desire to influence, and what we are called to do. She did a fantastic job of weaving our personal revelations into the big picture of a one team concept throughout our organization. Our staff was fully engaged from start to finish. It was a day well spent away from the office."  

Lee Aduddell

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach/Marketing Director, Rice University

“Amie has a seemingly unending amount of knowledge and wisdom regarding leadership-in both terms of leading yourself and leading other people. She is inspiring and encouraging and she helps you make the changes you want to make. Amie is the perfect coach if you are wanting to take a step in your career or are just looking for how to create a more harmonious life. If you can see where you want to go but not how to get there, Amie is for you!"

Erin Pearson

President/ Managing Partner, Center Sphere

"I've had the privilege of working with Amie, not only as one of her students in a leadership development class this past summer but also in a unique leadership initiative we created together this past fall.  With those experiences, I was able to take key aspects back to my team and create habits we continue to implement and evolve today.  Amie's knowledge of leadership development, her passion for it and her ability to inspire those around her to become the absolute best versions of themselves are all things that are immediately evident when you're around her.  I consider Amie a leader among leaders and am honored to have continued opportunities to work alongside her.”

Jeff Hinchcliff

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, H&H Automotive LLC

"Having Amie as a Leadership Coach for myself and our team has been a game changer. There are difficult and challenging conversations taking place that are long overdue and problems being solved that were being put on the back burner. The combination of her confidence yet easy going personality help make issues become less scary. It also does not hurt that she is a walking and talking library of Leadership book knowledge." 

Thor Johnson

Senior Manager Operations Engineering, Hayneedle

"Even the strongest and best engineered buildings eventually need repairs to their foundations. Amie has the knowledge and drive to coach any willing individual in repairing and building onto their current leadership foundation using modern customized tools and materials."

Brittany Lange

Head Coach, UNO Women's Basketball

I would recommend Amie as a coach because she is as authentic and generous as you can imagine. She dedicates her life to impacting others and paying it forward to developing strong people. She has a quality about her that is consistent in her accountability and pursuance of your goals, but is very aware of the balance of pushing and giving space. She lives what she preaches and business results are a product of her heart and purpose to serve others.

Lindsay Adams

Owner, Adams Family Insurance

"Amie has helped shine a light on the areas I knew I needed help with, but just couldn’t tackle it on my own without being overwhelmed or deciding to work on something else instead. The Birkman® Report really helped me validate and understand why I react in ways that I do (at home and in my business), and with the help of Amie in my first 30 days I was already able to break it all down and identify the pain points and work through them without employing something that wouldn't work for me. We implemented steps right away and it felt GREAT! I started off the first 2 weeks of 2019 in a way I had only hoped for and could not have done without Amie’s expert help and support. She truly cares and I love the personalized approach instead of a one-size-fits-all method."

Amber Jones

Vice President - Chief People Officer, H&H Automotive LLC

"Amie is a remarkable coach.  Beyond that, she is also a warm and caring person who radiates a positive energy, the likes of which I have never seen.  After each coaching session, I walk out the door feeling more grounded and positive about not only where I am currently in my leadership journey, but where my leadership journey is going.  That is an absolute win for the great team I have the honor to lead, the company I have the privilege to be a part of, and for me both personally and professionally.”

Ken Howard

Owner, KenSpeaking.com

"Let me cut to the chase...if you want a speaker that is skilled at connecting to the audience's heart AND mind, a speaker that can deliver a grand slam home run every time, a speaker that is authentic and lives and speaks with integrity...then look no further than Amie Gamboian. She typifies class, exudes compassion, and exceeds expectations. Amie has been honing her craft for years and you will be delighted by her warmth and keen insight into the human experience. Here is what I can promise: Amie will perform beyond what you ask of her and you will look brilliant for having booked her!"

Kristi Gibbs

Head of School, Brownell Talbot

"Gaining an understanding of self. Throughout my educational experiences, I have studied myself in relation to leadership qualities using Myers Briggs, Gallup Strength Finders, the Birkman Tool and others. Having a coach provides me an opportunity to really dig in and understand the connections. Getting to the root of strengths or habits helps create new habits and routines."

Kristi Andersen

Associate, Colliers International & Founder, Kristi Andersen Communications, LLC.

"Amie is one of those rare people you meet and never forget. She has an amazing talent for intuitively understanding her clients unique and special gifts and is able to quickly create a plan to help them reach their God-given potential. No matter where my career takes me, I know that I can always count on Amie to help me navigate the journey.”

Jim Moss

Senior Pastor and Executive Leadership & Vision Coach, Founder - 320 Coach

"Amie has been an invaluable resource to me over the last few years in my coaching business. She has helped me think bigger and push myself to the next level. I walk away every time energized and inspired to reach for the stars and challenge myself to the next level of growth. Her character is top shelf and I highly recommend her for your business or personal development. Amie is a master coach and has the skills to deal with complex situations."

Scott Sutton

General Manager, H&H Premier Automotive LLC

"I’ve been working in a one-on-one setting with Amie for nearly a year, and my experience with her over that time has been nothing short of extraordinary.  From her persistently positive attitude to her ability to find an avenue for growth in any situation, she’s proven to be very insightful and helpful in getting me pointed in the right direction.  I feel like I’ve explored new levels of leadership, mostly with just the slightest redirection from Amie.  Our team has experienced some significant benefits from her work with me as well—growth, both individually and as a team, how to more effectively benefit from the strengths of each other and how to use those strengths to help each other tackle issues, all leading to an improvement in the work experience and production.  As for me personally, she’s helped me become more confident in my ability to both lead and help others to achieve what many would have believed impossible.  She’s also helped me further understand the multiplication by replication that occurs when I’ve been able to help/coach/lead someone through some challenges.  Again, my thanks to Amie for helping me discover some things about myself that have helped my team evolve and succeed, and I’m really excited to see how much further we can go." 

Josh White

Executive Director, Goosmann Law Firm, PLC

“Amie is genuine and authentic in her approach to helping others. She is the perfect coach if you are wanting to live a positive, purpose-led life that is rewarding. She is the ultimate coach. She provides people a safe place to become vulnerable very quickly (not a problem for me). I think her own experiences in life and leadership allow her to be very astute to understanding the human condition and the capabilities/potential for living an intentional and purpose-led life. Her positive outlook is infectious. Her relatability to my own experience is genuine”.

Janyne Peek Emsick

CEO, YourExecutiveCoach.com

"The benefit of pursuing executive leadership coaching is that 'iron sharpens iron'.  Amie helps me stay sharp with wisdom and safety to discover the dull edges. Together we do the work of sharpening so I am better equipped for my work as a leader - serving other leaders and facilitating their growth. It's so easy to forget to do this for myself." 

Jason Fitch

Leadership Coach, Find Your Future

"Through Amie's teaching, I've developed an approach to coaching that helps me keep the individuality of my clients front and center in my mind. She has also challenged me to create my own definition of coaching excellence. These pieces have been big steps forward in my coaching effectiveness."

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