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Team Results

Over 80% of our clients have referred Who You Are to someone in their network or extended their consulting engagement due to effectiveness, impact and proven results.
Steve Hinchcliff
Chairman, H&H Automotive, LLC
Steve Hinchcliff.jpg

"I learned some time back that 'we don’t know what we don’t know'.  Amie Gamboian has really helped drive that home in my brain these past few months. We hired Amie after reviewing the credentials of three other more well-known local companies.  She has played a crucial role in our culture change this year; far more than any one of us would have ever dreamed.  However, her biggest value has come on the heels of countless one-on-one meetings with our key team members.  These individual meetings balanced equally between a personal and a business focus, have been at the foundation of tremendous growth in many of those involved. All in all, our growth as leaders has at its core, fundamentally been accelerated by our relationship with Amie.  Had I only known, I would have invested our resources with Amie long ago."

Liz Hunt
Owner & Creative Director, DayCloud Studios
Liz Hunt.jpg

"The level of clarity experienced during the executive intensive was at a level I never could have found on my own. Amie was the perfect coach. She asked the right questions to guide me toward the answers and solutions needed for my company. Both Amie and our time together were inspiring and practical in equal weight. I can't thank her enough!"

Jennifer Brase
 Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual
Jennifer Brase.jpeg

"The Northwestern Mutual team is forming with new players, new leaders and new roles.  As we began our work with Amie, we got to know each other better and explored how to leverage each other's strengths from a place of understanding and learning vs. judging and questioning.  I was really impressed with how quickly our team was transparent in giving feedback to others and in being vulnerable on what we each needed to work on.  

Our team got to our number one issue quickly. I loved the concept of 'team one' and for us, that was a much-needed reminder. 

The work ahead of us around 'who must do what?' will be challenging, but the time we have invested in building cohesion, understanding one other and on initial steps toward clarity will provide a solid foundation. I can already see a change in words we use, how we engage with each other and the trust being built!"

Toni Clarke
Executive Director, Assure Women's Center
Toni Clarke.jpg

"Amie recently facilitated Assure Women's Center annual staff retreat. What a treat! The theme was "The Power of One". Amie led our staff through exercises that helped each individual gain clarity on who we are, how we desire to influence, and what we are called to do. She did a fantastic job of weaving our personal revelations into the big picture of a one team concept throughout our organization. Our staff was fully engaged from start to finish. It was a day well spent away from the office."  

Rich Ubele
Owner & Operator, Chick-Fil-A
Rich Ubele.jpeg

"Amie's coaching has brought a new level of focus to our business and leadership. Because of that focus, we have experienced much more clarity around roles, systems, and communications."

Michael Robinson
Executive Director & CEO, Business Ethics Alliance
Michael Robinson, BEA.jpeg

"The Working Genius assessment was an outstanding experience! It has helped the Business Ethics Alliance team create a thriving workplace culture during a leadership transition. Culture is created by conversations and relationships and Amie has a proven process to be a great leader through decision making. The assessment was fundamental in establishing an environment where employees can perform their best and has also helped guide our conversations."

Dr. Nathan Baxter
Executive Leadership Coach, Lead Self Lead Others, LLC
Dr. Nathan Baxter.png

“Amie is not afraid to hold herself to high standards in leadership. If you have the opportunity to work alongside Amie, you will quickly realize that her pursuit of excellence never takes precedence over serving others. Amie’s ability to lead herself well naturally inspires others to do the same. One of Amie’s most attractive qualities is that she continuously excels in leadership without any loss in character. Amie’s rise to success has been an honor to watch. She truly models what can happen to anyone who is willing to embrace their God-given potential."

Angela Avis
Director of Talent Management, TS Banking Group
Angela Avis.jpg

"Through Amie’s coaching sessions and insights, I have been able to gain further clarity and confidence in my strengths and weaknesses, along with what needs I have in building communication and relationships with others. The improved awareness will continue to assist me in striving to operate in my best self, which will, in turn, allow me to live more often in my one degree, creating a clearer vision of where I can and will have the most impact both professionally and personally. Amie’s ability to understand, interpret, and offer quantifiable application has been and will continue to be extremely valuable". 

Mike Demcho
General Manager, Queen City Harley-Davidson
Mike Demcho_edited.jpg

"Since working with Amie, our executive leadership team has become more closely aligned and we know we're focused on leading in the same direction. During this time we have developed our healthy conflict rules of engagement and our core values of the company, which have helped lay the foundation that we need to drive our success. This has helped me work with my team on the five behaviors of a cohesive team, concentrating on accountability and healthy conflict.

We have become tighter and stronger as a group and this is guiding us in leading our front line staff with our rally cry to 'Be the difference maker... one guest at a time!' in our record breaking year."

Reem Rawashdeh
Vice President of Wealth Management, Ludacka Wealth Partners
Reem Rawashdeh.jpeg

“Relying on our strengths will only advance us so far. The pursuit of the ‘better’ version of ourselves requires us to lean into our vulnerabilities. My self-awareness has increased as a result of my Birkman coaching sessions. Amie has been a great coach to work with as she's contributed insightful observations and workable solutions to help me achieve my goals. I'm now even more excited about providing clarity of purpose and peace of mind to the clients I serve. With an abundance of conflicting data and options, I find it's easy for clients to become confused or indecisive. Helping them find the right solutions for themselves and their families leads to achieving their goals and impacting their happiness & well-being for years to come."

Dr. Andrew Wood
Professor of Intercultural Ministry, Nebraska Christian College
unnamed (1).jpg

“In the past, career changes have been rocky for me. It’s been hard to know whether I was making the right decision, or just jumping into a new opportunity out of fear. I found the RESET Career Transitions program a valuable tool for identifying my core values and thinking through the types of employment situations that align with my gifts, temperament, and goals in life. By the end of RESET, I felt more confident about my ability to make an appropriate choice for my next career move - it was well worth the time and effort invested into it.”

Bill Bowes
Fire Chief, Papillion Fire Department
Bowes Bill FC1 - Bill Bowes_edited.jpg

"Our team wasn’t functioning well and I lacked the resources and knowledge to pull us all together. We were operating well as individuals, each doing our own jobs, but there wasn’t a sense of team and there wasn’t cross-communication. When Amie came and had us look at the department from the 30,000-foot level, we each regained a sense for what we are pursuing every day. Our vision, mission and values realigned and solidified and we focused on teamwork, identifying and tackling issues together. Our leadership team is building on this foundation now and we're almost ready to unleash the power on the rest of the department!"

Ty Wilson
Speaker & Co-Founder, Purpose Ministries

"This RESET course was so helpful because it helped identify some strengths I wasn't aware of and exposed some frustrations I needed to address." 

Susan Johnson
Head Coach, Volleyball, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

"Huddle Up has been the exact thing I needed in this time of crisis.  I have been coaching in Division 1 for 25 years and thought I could handle most situations on my own.  This has been an extremely difficult time as a leader of an NCAA program.  Amie has been a saving grace and has focused on exactly what I needed each week helping me lead my team in a very intentional way."

Les Beauchamp
Lead Pastor, Lifegate Church of Omaha

"There are certain individuals whose very lives are a living invitation to hope, growth and to making a difference in our world.  Amie is one of those rare servant leaders. She radiates with passion as she serves church, marketplace, and non-profit organizations. Lifegate Church has benefited greatly from her insight and investments, and her influence has been vital in our raising a purposeful church vision and in cultivating the spiritual life of our church. God has also used Amie’s skillset to unify leaders in the regional, national, and global church through her leadership roles with the Global Leadership Network and the Omaha Leaders non-profit. Everyone who is blessed to encounter Amie, whether individual, church, or business, gets better."

Bri Koch
Art Director, Swanson Russell; Owner/Creative Director, Bri Koch Creative;
Co-Founder, The Money Well

"A brief period of intense focus and intentional discovery took me from a 'stuck' position to being unleashed to run with confidence and endurance in the lane God is calling me in. Amie's guidance and leadership has brought me refreshing clarity as well as a toolbox of self-leadership practices to fuel and sustain this new momentum."

Marjorie Mass
Executive Director, SHARE Omaha
Marjorie Mass.jpg

"My coaching with Who You Are began grounded first in the Birkman Assessment and the insights Amie and I discussed have been enlightening and helpful in setting our course forward. We dove straight in, after that by working on quarterly goals, both professional and personal. Keeping accountable with her regarding barriers to and strategies for success, I’m certain, will lead to their attainment and related learnings. I'm grateful to view the community and the nonprofit sector holistically within my leadership roles, professionally at SHARE Omaha and as the Commission Chair of Serve Nebraska."

Erin Pearson
President and Managing Partner, CenterSphere
Erin Pearson.jpg

"I've had the privilege of working with Amie, not only as one of her students in a leadership development class this past summer but also in a unique leadership initiative we created together this past fall.  With those experiences, I was able to take key aspects back to my team and create habits we continue to implement and evolve today. Amie's knowledge of leadership development, her passion for it and her ability to inspire those around her to become the absolute best versions of themselves are all things that are immediately evident when you're around her. I consider Amie a leader among leaders and am honored to have continued opportunities to work alongside her.”

Jeff Scales
Elder Board Chair, First Christian Church of Newburgh, Indiana
President, AFCO Performance Group
Jeff Scales 2.jpeg

"The leadership staff at First Christian Church is talented, dedicated and hardworking, but those characteristics alone do not guarantee results. Our leaders were struggling to work together as a cohesive team. With Amie’s help and many months of focus and dedication to the mission, our leaders learned how to trust each other, how to compliment strengths and weaknesses and how to extract the best from themselves and each other. Our leadership staff now operates at a higher level than the sum of individual components.  We are thrilled with the results. I highly recommend Amie and her process!”

Holly Gillespie
Executive Director, First Christian Church - Newburgh
unnamed (2).jpg

"Coaching has been an important next step in my personal development as a church leader. Through insights, key questions and valuable resources, I am experiencing a leadership "growth spurt" I've been longing for."

Jeff Hinchcliff
President, H&H Automotive, LLC
Jeff Hinchcliff Updated Photo.jpeg

"Having Amie as a leadership coach for myself and our team has been a game changer. There are difficult and challenging conversations taking place that are long overdue and problems being solved that were being put on the back burner. The combination of her confidence yet easy going personality help make issues become less scary. It also does not hurt that she is a walking and talking library of leadership book knowledge." 

Thor Johnson
Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Omaha Public Power District 
Thor Johnson.jpg

"Even the strongest and best engineered buildings eventually need repairs to their foundations. Amie has the knowledge and drive to coach any willing individual in repairing and building onto their current leadership foundation using modern customized tools and materials."

J. Zach Burt
General Counsel, TS Banking Group
J. Zach Burt.jpg

“At first, I was skeptical of the value that Amie and the Birkman® Assessment could bring me. However, I decided to lean into the process and have been amazed at the results. I have grown more through the conversations with Amie about my Birkman® Assessment (both individual and group sessions) than at any other time in my professional career. If you are open to growth, this process is what you are looking for.”

Brittney Lange
Former Head Coach; Director of Basketball Strategies & Development, GCU

"Huddle Up Coaches has provided me an invaluable circle of like-minded leaders who're extremely successful, open, and act as a stimulating support system and coaching-specific resource. The sessions are a rare opportunity to have the high-level leadership teachings and connections needed to prepare you for the 'real life' of coaching and female leadership."

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