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We specialize in three primary areas of customized consulting: organizational health, team leadership and executive leadership. Assessments are one tool that our coaches use to identify gap areas and facilitate your next phases of growth and development.


Organizational Health

Even the smartest organization in the world, the one that has mastered strategy and finance and marketing and technology, will eventually fail if it is unhealthy. A healthy organization, on the other hand, will always find a way to succeed. Without politics and confusion, a healthy leadership team will inevitably become smarter and tap into every bit of intelligence and talent that it has. As a result of organizational health, productivity and morale soar and good people almost never leave.


In the words of Patrick Lencioni, "The single, greatest advantage any company can achieve is its organizational health."​

To read more about this model, visit our Leadership Gems blog here.

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The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

The power of teamwork is great and the causes of team dysfunction are both identifiable and curable. However, they don't die easily. Making a team cohesive requires extraordinary levels of courage and discipline. 


There are five dysfunctions at the heart of why teams often struggle. This model outlines actionable steps that can be used to overcome common hurdles and build a cohesive, effective team for the long-term.

To read more about this model, visit our Leadership Gems blog here.


The Six Types of Working Genius

This assessment is the fastest and simplest way to discover your natural gifts and how to thrive at work. In just 10 minutes, each member of your team can identify their areas of working genius, working frustration and working competency, positioning you to make informed decisions about how to get your work done with efficiency and excellence. 

To read more about this model, visit our Leadership Gems blog here.

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The Birkman Personality Inventory

Used primarily in coaching engagements with individuals, this method reveals four key perspectives of a person: motivation, self-perception, social perception and mindset. By understanding these perceptions and how each influences the others, leaders can better understand the emotions and actions which drive their life. 

Comparison and group reports are also available for use in facilitating healthy team relationships and development. 


The Motive

In leadership, your motive matters. Teams see it, feel it and live with its natural consequences. The Motive Model, originally developed by Patrick Lencioni, helps leaders understand and acknowledge why they lead and whether their motivation for leading comes from a posture of reward or responsibility.


As a tool for leaders and teams, WHO YOU ARE has developed our own original assessment to accompany this model. The goal of this assessment is to help leaders honestly reflect on their leadership in five key areas and avoid common pitfalls.

To read more about this model, visit our Leadership Gems blog here.

What do we mean by 'customized'?

Creating a collaborative partnership, we assess overall leadership and organizational health and map out a unique game plan with you. After listening to understand, we provide practical, relevant and strategic services customized to meet your needs.

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