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Are You Leading from Your Working Genius, Competence or Frustration?

We’ve been thrilled with client responses to the brand new “Six Types of Working Genius” Assessment provided by Patrick Lencioni and The Table Group. This has been a GAME CHANGER, as it fills a gap that’s existed in leadership and on teams for decades – answering the key question “How do we individually and as teams actually GET THINGS DONE?” While most assessments measure various elements of personality, which are helpful but often leave us wondering, “Now how do we implement this new knowledge?”, the “Six Types of Working Genius” specifically identifies how we work by focusing on elements of productivity. Most of us tap intuitively into energizers, essentially our genius areas, but what happens when tasked with what we’re only competent in, or worse, areas that create highest levels of frustration? What happens when teams are unaware of deficiencies they have in certain geniuses?

Whether you and/or your team are launching a new idea/product, introducing a program, or meeting end of year goals, strategically capitalizing on your geniuses will help make work more fulfilling, produce higher levels of team engagement and increase results!

You can take the Working Genius Assessment online here or contact us to schedule a consultation and follow-up training opportunities for you and your team.


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